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BMCorp was founded in 2011 as Ballantyne Moss Pty Ltd, initially building a sui generis Security Risk Management business, Spectrum Stability Assurance, and later venturing into successful real estate developments in Perth, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane.

Its principals have seamlessly coalesced 30 years’ experience as Combat Officers in the Australian Defence Force – including complex and often dangerous work in Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan, East Timor, Israel, Egypt, Brussels, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Bahrain and Indonesia-with a potent business acumen to introduce a company of singular character to the Australian business landscape. Defined by initiative, innovation, meticulous planning and scrupulous execution, BMCorp aims to infuse its culture across each of the diverse projects within its growing portfolio.

The principals of BMCorp have held Top Secret Australian Government security clearances and have worked with private, government and non-government organisations across the world including Elbit Systems, Raytheon, Harris, USAID, NATO, United Nations, Australian Commonwealth security agencies and Queensland State Government enterprises.

Since turning exclusively to the market, BMCorp has engaged in multi-sector enterprise development, negotiating Residential Management Rights contracts and counter-cyclical real estate titles, financing and managing numerous property development projects and has conducted significant consultation to the Oil and Gas industry. In 2016, BMCorp shifted its focus onto technology and disruptive innovation, developing the HomeFront Australia suite of businesses in South East Queensland. Additionally, it maintains an enduring interest in Phosphate International, a phosphorus exploration and production company with drilling and exploration programs securing reserves for resource development in agribusiness products.

BMCorp’s investment and business development strategy is driven by a central ideology that clear thinking, meticulous planning and organisational agility are the precursors to success in any context.

To discuss a BMCorp subsidiary, a business development concept, or to better understand how we might work together, please use the contact tab at the top of the page.

BMCorp is always ready to invest, consult, partner or lead any project requiring diverse professional skillsets, unyielding attitude, and a bias for accomplishment.